1570  — 1606

Huang Mingsha

Francesco Martines

Chinese Jesuit lay brother and martyr.

Martines is the Italian name of Huang Mingsha; in some records he is also known as Francisco Martinez (Spanish) or Martins (Portuguese). Born in Macao, Martines joined Matteo Ricci in Shaochow (Shaoguan) in 1589 as a brother candidate, and two years later, he and Sebastian Fernandez (Zhong Mingren) became the first two Chinese to enter the Society of Jesus. He served as a language instructor for Western missionaries and as catechist. In 1606 Martines was denounced to the Chinese authorities by an apostate Christian for being part of a supposed Jesuit-led foreign conspiracy to invade and conquer China. He died in a Canton (Guangzhou) jail after several days of brutal torture.


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