1880  — 1964

Jia Yuming


Chinese Christian pastor and theologian.

Originally from Shandong, Jia studied in Dengzhou Wenhuiguan in his earlier years. After his graduation in 1901, he entered a seminary of the Presbyterian Church to receive his education in theology. In 1904, he was ordained as a pastor and went to Yizhou, Shandong, to preach. He went to teach in Nanjing Jinling Seminary in 1915 and then to Tengxian, Shandong, as vice-principal at North China Theological Seminary. In 1921, he started a bulletin, Ling Guang Magazine, in Nanjing. He became principal of Jinling Girls’ Theological Seminary in 1930. Jia started a Chinese Christian Bible institute in Nanjing in 1936 and became its principal. During World War II, the school moved to Chongqing in Sichuan and shifted back to Shanghai after the defeat of the Japanese. In 1948, Jia attended the World Gospel Conference held in Holland and was nominated vice-chairman. In 1954, he was chosen as vice-chairman of the Committee of the Chinese Church Three-Self Patriotic Movement.

Throughout his life, Jia continued to advocate that Christians focus on gaining knowledge, combined with maintaining a daily quiet time, so that faith and spirituality can be displayed in one’s daily life. He authored Study of Theology, Basic Bible Truth, Total Salvation, and Saint’s Heart Song (a hymnal).


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