1872  — 1961

Zhu Baoyuan

Chu Pao-yuen, P. N. Tsu

Chinese Anglican Church pastor and initiator of his church's independence movement.

Zhu studied at St. Joseph’s Institution in his early years and came to know Christ. In 1894 he graduated with excellent results in English, entered the institution’s theology course, and graduated with the school’s first class in 1900. He went to Wuti to set up a church and was inducted as pastor in 1902. In the following year, he was transferred to the Church of Our Savior in Shanghai. In 1906 Zhu announced that the church would no longer accept any financial help from the mission board, thereby declaring its independence. He also set up Changshi Secondary School in the vicinity of the church. He went to Columbia University in the United States to further his studies in 1912 and graduated with a Master of Arts degree. He returned to his original post in Shanghai.

In 1915 the Church of Our Savior, using local architectural design, rebuilt its building. At the dedication ceremony, Zhu had a flag specially made with the words “independence, self-growth, self-governed,” and this was hung inside the church. He also organized many patriotic activities in Changshi Secondary School, increased the standard of education, and allowed graduates with good results to enter St. Joseph’s University without having to take the entrance exams. He received his doctorate in theology in 1923. He composed a song, “Chinese Church Independence Song,” in 1933, which is still widely sung today. With the founding of modern China, Zhu was employed by the Shanghai Archives.


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