1889  — 1973

Zhou Zhiyu

Alfred Ts-Yu Chow

Delegate to several World Christian Conferences, superintendent of China Christian Mission Crusaders and founder of Tai Dong Bible College.

Zhou was a student of the North China Theological Seminary and Wycliffe College in Toronto. In his younger years, he founded Cheng Tian Middle School, of which he took charge for 11 years. He served as general secretary of the United Society of Christian Endeavor for China (Zhonghua Jidujiao Mianli Hui Quanguo Xiehui) for 19 years and as director of Shanghai Shengjing Xueshe for 15 years, beginning in 1933.

Zhou was an official delegate to several World Christian Conferences. In 1946 he was ordained a pastor by the Anglican Church, Kiangsu Diocese. In the same year, he was appointed superintendent of ZhongGuo Jidutu Budao Shizijun (“China Christian Mission Crusaders,” renamed Zhong Hua Jidutu Chuandao Hui in 1948). In 1947 he was invited by the council members of the Crusaders to travel to the United States for fund-raising purposes.

After his return to China, Zhou founded a magazine, Zhen Dao, and also enlarged Shanghai Shengjing Xueshe into Tai-dong Bible College. In the spring of 1948, Zhou moved to Kweizhou, Kweiyang, together with Tai-dong Bible College, where he took in more students than previously. He subsequently left for Hong Kong. He also served as chairman of the Chinese Home Missionary Society and of Zhonghua Wanguo Dujing Hui (China Worldwide Scripture Reading Association). He published a book, The Christian Life.


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