List of Institutions working in China.

Institution Name Abbr. Date Est. Work In China
Ambassadors for Christ, Inc. AFC 1963
American Advent Mission Society AAM 1897 1898
American Baptist Foreign Mission Society ABFMS 1814 1836
American Baptist Mission
American Baptist Missionary Union ABMU 1814 1836
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions ABCFM 1810 1830
American Church Mission/American Protestant Episcopal Mission or American Episcopal Church Mission ACM or AECM 1835
American Friends Mission AFO 1890
American Methodist Episcopal Church
American Methodist Episcopal Missionary Society AMEMS 1847
American Mission Covenant
American Presbyterian Mission APM 1867
American Southern Baptists SBC 1845
American Southern Methodist Episcopal Mission ASMEM 1848
American Southern Presbyterian Mission ASPM 1867
Anglican Church
Assemblies of God
Australian Anglican Church 1962
Baoding Girls School
Baptist Missionary Society BMS 1792 1860
Basel Mission Basel M 1815 1847
Beijing Christian Tabernacle 1937
Berlin Missionary Society(/Association) for China (Berliner Hauptverein für die evangelische Mission in China) BHV 1850 1851
Bethel Evangelistic Band
Bethel Mission BeM 1920
Bethesda Gospel Hall
Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church, USA
British and Foreign Bible Society BFBS 1804 1812
Canadian Presbyterian Mission CPM 1843 1871
Canton Christian College (Lingnan University 1926) CCC 1900
Catholic Action in China
Catholic Church in China
Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong
Central China University (Huachung, Huazhong) CCU-HC 1924
China Bible Seminary
China Inland Mission CIM 1865 1865
China Mennonite Mission Society ChMMS 1901
China Mennonite Mission Society
China Mission Society
Chinese Alliance Church
Chinese Anglican Church
Chinese Baptist Church
Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association CCPA 1951
Chinese Christian Union
Chinese Churches Overseas
Chinese Culture University 1961
Chinese Educational Mission ACEC 1870
Chinese Evangelization Society CES 1850 1853
Chinese Foreign Missionary Union CFMU 1929
Chinese Government
Chinese House Church
Chinese Independent Church Movement
Chinese Jesus Independent Church
Chinese Methodist Church
Chinese Methodist Episcopal Church
Chinese Student Volunteer Movement for the Ministry SVMM
Christian and Missionary Alliance CMA 1887 1888
Christian Assembly (Little Flock)
Christian Literature Society for China CLSC 1887
Christian Mission to Buddhists
Christian Witness Theological Seminary
Church Missionary Society 1799 1844
Church Missionary Society CMS 1799 1844
Church of Christ in China CCC 1922 1927
Church of England 1534
Commercial Press
Congregatio Discipulorum Domini
Congregation of the Mission
Disciples of Christ Mission to Tibet
Dominican Order
Dutch Reformed Church 1571
East Syrian Church
English Baptist Mission
English Presbyterian Church
English Presbyterian Mission EPM 1844 1847
English Wesleyan Mission [British, Methodist] EWM 1852
Episcopal Church
Evangelical and Reformed Church
Fellowship of Reconciliation
First Chinese Presbyterian Church
Franciscan Missionaries of Mary FMM 1877 1886
Franciscan Order
Friends' Foreign Missionary Association 1868
General Evangelical Protestant Missionary Society (Allgemeiner Evangelisch-Protestantischer Missions-Verein) [German & Swiss] GEPMS 1884 1885
General Evangelical Protestant Missionary Society (Allgemeiner Evangelisch-Protestantischer Missions-Verein) [German & Swiss] GEPMS 1884 1885
German Reformed Church in USA
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Gospel Mission Group
Holy Light School
Home of Christ Church
Hong Kong Tsung Tsin Mission
House of Mercy
Imperial University
Independent Missionary
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Irish Presbyterian Mission (in Manchuria) PCI 1869
Jesus Family [Chinese, Independent church] JF 1927
Jinling (Ginling) College 1913
Kuomintang KMT 1912
Liebenzell Mission [German, Lutheran] LM 1899 1900
Ling Liang (Spiritual Food) Church
London Mission Independent Church of Hong Kong
London Missionary Society
London Missionary Society LMS 1795 1807
Lutheran Church of China LCC 1917
Lutheran United Mission
Maryknoll Missionaries MM 1911 1917
Medical Missionary Society in China
Methodist Church
Methodist Free Church Mission FMA 1904
Methodist Mission
Methodist University
Mission Among the Higher Classes
Monash University
Morning Star Orphanage
Nankai University
Nankai University 1904
Nanking Theological Seminary Nanjing Union Theological Seminary NTS 1917
National Christian Council of China NCC 1922
National Taipei Teachers’ College
Netherlands Missionary Society
North China American School NCAS
Northern Presbyterian Mission Board
Norwegian Lutheran China Mission Association NLK 1891 1891
Order of Friars Minor
Oversea Chinese Mission
Overseas Missionary Fellowship OMF
Peking Union Medical College
Peking Union Medical School
Peking University
Pentecostal Assemblies of the World PAW 1917
Pentecostal Missionary Union for Great Britain and Ireland PMU 1909 1912
Presbyterian Church in China
Presbyterian Church in England
Presbyterian Church in Taiwan
Presbyterian Church in the United States of America PCUSA
Reformed Church in America RCA 1832 1842
Rhenish Missionary Society [German] RMG 1828 1847
Roman Catholic Church
Russian Orthodox Church ROC 1589
Salvation Army SA 1865 1916
Scarboro Foreign Mission Society
Scotch United Presbyterian Church SUPC
Scottish Bible Society
Seventh Day Adventist Mission SDA 1863 1902
Shanghai Baptist College (later University of Shanghai) SB
Shanghai Shouzhen Church
Singapore-Malaya Presbyterian Church
Societe des Missions Etrangeres de Paris (Paris Foreign Mission Society) MEP 1664 17c
Society for the Diffusion of Christian and General Knowledge Among the Chinese SDCKs 1887
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts SPG 1701 1862
Society of Jesus SJ 1583
Society of the Divine Word
Society of the Friends of Moslem in China
Southeast Bible College
Southern Baptist Convention/Mission SBC 1845
St. Columban's Foreign Mission Society
St. John's University StJ/SJU
Straits Chinese Church
Student Volunteer Missionary Union
Suzhou Qixiu Girls’ School
Swedish Missionary Union/Society [Lutheran] SMU 1878 1890
Swedish Pentecostal Church
Taiping Tianguo 太平天国 1851
Taiwan Presbyterian Church
The Order of Saint John
The Worldwide Evangelistic Mission
Three-Self Patriotic Movement TSPM 1951
True Jesus Church TJC 1917
Tsinghua School
United Christian Missionary Society
University of Nanjing Hospital
West China Christian University
Woman's Christian Temperance Union WCTU 1873
Woman's Foreign Missionary Society
Woman’s Union Mission WUM 1860 1868
World's Sunday School
Yale Foreign Missionary Society 1901
Yenching (Yanjing) University 1919
Young Men’s Christian Association 1844 1885
Young Women’s Christian Association YWCA 1855 1890
Zenana Missionary Society
加拿大英美会 Canadian Methodist Mission
加拿大英美會 Canadian Methodist Mission
天主教耶稣会 1534 1583
美国公理会海外传道部 美部会
美国基督教北长老会 PCUSA
美國公理會海外傳道部 美部會
美國基督教北長老會 PCUSA
英国长老会 England Presbyterian Church
英國長老會 England Presbyterian Church
荷兰改革宗教会 DRC
荷蘭改革宗教會 DRC